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Brand Identity

Micro Edge™


Micro Edge Technology

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Endless Possibilities

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Micro Edge™ — Novel, Patented Microfacet Optical Technology

Micro Edge™ technology features small, light-efficient micro-facets that reflect pixels made of light both above and below the focal place, which can create 3D animation and other unique visual effects. The floating pixels create an optical image identity that can’t be copied by printed 2D decorative packaging.

NanoPixel brand identity solutions

Micro Edge technology

In addition to the benefits provided by all NanoPixel brand identity solutions (eye-catching visual effects, fast brand recognition, viewable in low light), Micro Edge technology offers additional value:

01. Its unique, consumer-recognizable, 3D dynamic and motion effects are viewable from all angles.

02.It delivers enhanced packaging security and verifiable tamper-evidence in the film.

03. It’s easily customizable.

04. It requires no post-processing or special coatings.It’s easily customizable.


NanoPixel technology integrates simply and seamlessly into production. As unique as the visual effects are, it’s still a packaging film application that utilizes existing equipment as easily as conventional films. It uses the same materials, molding processes, and the same mold-mark insertion processes as standard solutions.

Use Your Existing Packaging Processes

Skilled Graphics Professionals

For brand-centric messaging designs, engage our uniquely-skilled team of micro-optic graphics professionals.

Unlike standard prepress graphics, our NanoPixel® professionals use proprietary Lumenco® software in ray tracing plus a synergized blend of design and mathematics to create completely custom, dynamic imagery that is eye-catching while maintaining the highest levels of security.

We then reweave that disassociated pixel bitmap back into your recognizable visible image through our proprietary patented pixel interlacing.

NanoPixel® Security Solutions provide “Encryption By Design™”—stunning brand designs that convey your company’s familiar brand and reassuring security messages in attractive 3D floating images create quickly recognizable brandmarks for consumers and distribution partners.