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Create visual brand interaction at the point-of-purchase and post-purchase.

Endless Possibilities

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Power Up Your Brand Image

Technology touches every aspect of our lives today, from how we work to how we stay healthy, get entertained, and keep our homes comfortable and secure. Consumers seek out trusted brands. Your brand image communicates not just the source of the product, but also the quality, reliability, ease of use, and innovation that people associate with it. 

Adding a new dimension to your packaging and product design with stunning, visually arresting effects enabled by NanoPixel® MicroLENS and MicroMIRROR film and MicroEdge on-product molding technologies is eye-catching, instantly recognizable, and communicates premium quality as well as authenticity.

Our unique, patented, three-dimensional dynamic and motion effects present your familiar brandmarks in bold, dazzling 3D designs. Our optical technology makes engaging with consumers easier than ever. It creates visual brand interaction at both point-of-purchase and post-purchase, increasing loyalty and sales.

Electronics Brand Packaging Technology

From smartphones and laptops to game controllers and LED flashlights—and even the batteries that power them—NanoPixel technologies can add sparkling, attention-getting effects to your packaging and products to boost consumer recognition of your unique brand identity. Enhance your brandmarks with visual effects like floating pixels, 3D animation, and morphing, that can’t be duplicated by holographic or 2D decorative films.

These captivating visual effects can be applied to virtually any type of packaging, label, container, or product surface. They meet brand owners’ requirements for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, and can be incorporated into existing production processes and equipment.

Our distinctive technologies not only enhance your brand image with stunning 3D optical effects, they also provide brand authentication to protect from counterfeit products that not only steal your revenue but also damage your brand reputation due to their inferior performance, quality, and longevity. We secure your brand and assure your customers that they are buying authentic branded goods, using patented packaging and molding technology that is virtually impossible to duplicate.

Labels - Paper, plastic, metal foils, in-mold, base stock, plastic container wraps for alkaline batteries, packaging films, tear-away packaging, or finished labels

On-Container Molding —Plastic, cardboard, or metal

On-Product — Molded plastic or metal cases for smartphones, lithium-ion batteries, laptops, computer peripherals, and other electronic devices

Technical labels for electronic components, avionics, and certified refurbished electronics

Boxes —Paperboard, folding carton, die-cut cartons, plastic boxes, specialty materials