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Brand Protection

Security Inks


Security Inks Technology

For brand protection, authentication, and security documents.

Security Inks—Customized Printable Security for our Licensed Converting Partners

Our customizable security inks are used for brand protection, authentication, and security documents. Most of our ink technologies consist of a combination of overt, semi-covert, and covert security features, including optically variable pigments, invisible inks, sparkling and mirror-like ink, and ink only visible with our unique verifiers. All can be applied using a wide-range of printing methods.

  • Consumer-oriented ink technologies for pharmaceuticals, spirits, automotive, personal care, and other industries
  • Completely customizable
  • Compatible with a wide range of printing methods—lithographic, flexographic, gravure, intaglio, screen, tampography, digital inks, and more
  • Patented security ink technology options include color shifting inks; invisible ink; sparkling ink; ink with a polarizing effect; mirror-like ink; ink only visible with our unique verifiers, when heated, or when viewed from a particular angle; and more
  • Covert materials can be specifically selected for IR or UVA, UVB, and UVC security light sources

Skilled Graphics Professionals

For brand-centric messaging designs, engage our uniquely-skilled team of micro-optic graphics professionals.

Unlike standard prepress graphics, our NanoPixel® professionals use proprietary Lumenco® software in ray tracing plus a synergized blend of design and mathematics to create completely custom, dynamic imagery that is eye-catching while maintaining the highest levels of security.

We then reweave that disassociated pixel bitmap back into your recognizable visible image through our proprietary patented pixel interlacing.

NanoPixel® Security Solutions provide “Encryption By Design™”—stunning brand designs that convey your company’s familiar brand and reassuring security messages in attractive 3D floating images create quickly recognizable brandmarks for consumers and distribution partners.