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Beauty & Personal Care


Beauty & Personal Care

Alluring visual effects that build connections and foster brand loyalty.

Endless Possibilities

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Beauty Gets Noticed

Beauty products are all about creating a distinctive and attractive look for their buyers. Brand packaging should do the same, by capturing attention through visual appeal.

Enhancing your packaging with attractive, eye-catching effects enabled by NanoPixel® MicroLENS and MicroMIRROR technologies helps your beauty and personal care products stand out on retail shelves, making stronger connections and fostering brand loyalty.

Beauty & Personal Care Packaging Technology

Whether your products are liquid, cream, solid, or aerosol, NanoPixel technologies can add dazzling, attention-getting effects to your packaging to focus consumer recognition upon your unique brand identity. Enhance your packaging with visual effects like floating pixels, 3D animation, and morphing, that can’t be duplicated by holographic or 2D decorative films.

These alluring visual effects can be applied to virtually any type of packaging, on curved or flat surfaces, visible even in low light conditions, and can provide a new method of optical tamper-evidence. They meet brand owners’ requirements for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, and can be incorporated into existing production processes and equipment with no extra steps or needed.

Labels —Paper, plastic, metal foils, in-mold, base stock, or finished labels

Boxes —Paperboard, folding carton, plastic boxes, specialty materials

Bottles and Jars —Plastic, glass, or metal (molded components and label features), plus tamper-evident security shrink sleeves

Tubes —tube-stock films, labels, molded caps, and thermal-seal crimps.

Cans —Aluminum, Steel, labels, molded plastic caps

Pouches —Films, labels, or any printable material

Bags —Paper, plastic, or any printable material