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Brand Identity

Revolutionizing Brand Identity Technology

Elevate Your Brand

A premium brand image helps you grow revenue by attracting more customers and reinforcing their loyalty. Distinctive product and packaging design with high-impact graphics differentiates your product and conveys that brand image of quality. The physical appearance of your product on a retail shelf or online “sets the tone” for your brand.

Incorporating NanoPixel’s unique technology for three-dimensional dynamic and motion effects on your packaging or even directly onto your product is not only eye catching, but instantly communicates compelling brand values.

  • The matchless, stunning visual effects demonstrate your commitment to
  • Use of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging demonstrates concern for the
  • The inimitable, tamper-evident authentication attests to the importance you
    place on brand protection, safety, and integrity.

NanoPixel technology goes beyond the limitations of 2D decorative packaging to deliver the newest, sustainable, 3D brand identity packaging, films, molding, animation, and effects, all of which can integrated into your current production processes.

Our labels, seals, cartons, and security emblems are specified by packaging executives and brand managers across multiple industries, including:

Go Beyond Holography

Using micro-facets to manage light, NanoPixel solutions create unique 3D brand identity effects not achievable with traditional holography. Our complete range of products includes:

Micro Edge™: Novel, patented microfacet optical technology by Lumenco®


NanoLock™: Novel, overt, patented microlens optical film technology by Lumenco

NanoMovi’®: MicroLENS Packaging Film by Lumenco


Dycyfer™: MicroMirror Packaging Film by Lumenco

While each product works best in specific packaging and product applications, all NanoPixel brand identity solutions:

  • Are capable of 3D animation and other unique, eye-catching visual effects;
  • Provide visually recognizable brand identity at all viewing angles, even in low-light conditions;
  • Create faster brand recognition to build consumer trust;
  • Recognizable by the visually impaired and color-blind;
  • 3D visual effects on curved or flat surfaces;
  • Require no special coatings or detection equipment; and
  • Add no increased product cost to consumers.

The Next Dimension in Visual Brand Identification

NanoPixel has developed a deep portfolio of more than 40 patents in micro-optics, micro-mirrors, and lens technologies applied across multiple industries. Our solutions have unlimited applications in modeling, labeling, and films, for on-product molding or on-packaging brand films. We create brand identity packaging programs aligned with product marketing to build supply chain integrity, supported by global partnerships.

The NanoPixel design team has more than a decade of micro-optics design experience, specialized in graphic design and automation. We consult with clients on the technical elements of micro-optics, when needed, to move past the physical graphic design. Our team has worked across multiple industries including consumer product packaging, brand identity, product design, and anti-counterfeiting.

NanoPixel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumenco Inc., a company with more than 10 years in anti-counterfeiting brand protection. Lumenco has developed technologies to protect the integrity of bank notes, and works with multiple global brands.