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Brand Protection

Revolutionizing Brand Protection Technology

Anticounterfeiting Brand Protection

Companies invest tremendous effort, money, and time in building a brand name consumers come to know and trust. The downside of those efforts is they make the brand attractive to criminals and scammers as well, who seek to profit by stealing patents and producing cheap knock-off products.

Businesses that fail to protect their brands put their image, reputation, and revenue at risk. NanoPixel® helps enterprises protect the brands they have worked so hard to establish with patented packaging and molding technology that is virtually impossible to counterfeit.

NanoPixel technology goes beyond the limitations of 2D decorative packaging to deliver the newest, sustainable, 3D brand identity packaging, films, molding, animation, and effects, all integrated within customers’ current production processes. 

Our labels, seals, cartons, and security emblems are utilized across multiple industries, including healthcare/pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, security documents, footwear, apparel, luxury goods, software products, and more. NanoPixel customized solutions provide:

Go Beyond Holography

Using micro-facets to manage light, NanoPixel goes beyond the limitations of 2D substrate to create unique 3D brand identity effects not achievable with traditional holography. Our complete range of products includes:

Brand Protection Consulting

We offer advanced IT consulting to help brand owners enable blockchain interoperability in challenging IT environments where disconnected SaaS database clouds are required.

Ask about our “Corporate Product Counterfeiting and Risk Management” seminars. From 30 years of experience, we know how to build measurable risk models; project the improvement results of anticounterfeiting programs; and help brand owners construct ROI models for comparing cost vs. project results from implementation of a product protection solution.

Our experienced brand protection consultants deliver custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of our high-profile brand clients.

Brand protection can be complex. Our solutions consultants can help you understand each step, and simplify decisions that make it easy and cost-effective for your brand to develop a product protection system that safeguards your customers, your brand reputation, and ultimately your business.