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Dazzling, attention-grabbing effects to your packaging and products.

Endless Possibilities

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Cultivate a Healthy
Brand Identity

To the farmers and ranchers who place their trust in your products for their livelihood, your brand is much more than a logo. They know that the people behind that logo have spent decades in labs and farm fields to develop exclusive formulations that maximize yields and reduce crop-destroying organisms while protecting the land. Your brand image communicates those attributes, which ultimately drives preference, brand loyalty, and repeat purchases.

Customizing your packaging and products with striking, visually intriguing effects enabled by NanoPixel® MicroLENS and MicroMIRROR film and MicroEdge on-product molding technologies is eye-catching, instantly recognizable, and communicates premium quality as well as product authenticity.

Our unique, patented, multi-dimensional dynamic and motion effects make your familiar brandmarks pop with bold, stunning 3D designs.

Agriculture Brand Packaging Technology

From seed packaging to pesticides, herbicides, and beyond, NanoPixel technologies can add dazzling, attention-grabbing effects to your packaging and products to reinforce recognition of your brand identity. Enhance your brandmarks with visual effects like floating brand imagery in motion, 3D animation, and morphing that can’t be duplicated by holographic or conventional 2D decorative films.

These stunning visual effects can be applied to virtually any type of packaging, label, container, or molded product surface. NanoPixel materials meet brand owners’ requirements for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, and can be easily incorporated into existing production processes and equipment.

Counterfeit seeds and agrochemicals present a significant threat to the entire farm economy. These substandard knock-offs not only erode your brand image and revenue, but also put farmers at high risk for blight and other types of crop failure. Our multi-dimensional micro-optics technology is virtually impossible to copy, assuring your customers that the products bearing your 3D brandmarks are authentic and have not been tampered with.

Labels —Paper, plastic, metal foils, in-mold, base stock, plastic wrap-around labels, packaging films, tear-away packaging, tamper-evident labels and shrink sleeves, or finished labels

On-Container Molding —Plastic packages, fluid containers, tamper-evident caps and seals for bottles and drums from quart size to 55-gallon, or metal

Boxes — Paperboard, folding carton, die-cut cartons, plastic boxes, specialty materials