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Brand Protection



NanoMoví™ Technology

The tiny “movie” can be incorporated into NanoPixel® packaging film material design, or even built into the product itself.

NanoMoví™ 125µ — Superior Premium Optical Features

The multi-axis activation of our NanoMoví™ 125µ, described as “magical,” is capable of displaying 3D movement/animation that appears floating 20mm+ above and below the label surface. At a thickness of .0049 inches, this option is ideal for durable brand protection and brand enhancement applications for luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, and high-end consumer goods.

NanoPixel brand identity solutions

NanoMoví™ Technology

The tiny “movie” can be incorporated into NanoPixel® packaging film material design, or even built into the product itself.

  • The pinnacle of micro lens technology
  • Thin and flexible 3D-labels for any kind of packaging—cans, bottles, bags, boxes, etc.
  • 3D depth with movie-like animation qualities
  • Track and trace, product serialization
  • Standard and custom designs using your brand security emblems
  • Dual-Axis dynamic motion
  • Dycyfer™ Micro-Mirrors – go beyond holograms

Skilled Graphics Professionals

For brand-centric messaging designs, engage our uniquely-skilled team of micro-optic graphics professionals.

Not your normal prepress graphics, but through proprietary Lumenco® software in ray tracing, our NanoPixel® professionals use a synergized blend of design and mathematics to create completely custom, dynamic imagery that is eye-catching while maintaining the highest levels of security.

And then we reweave that disassociated pixel bitmap back into your recognizable visible image through our proprietary patented pixel interlacing.

NanoPixel® Security Solutions provide “Encryption By Design™”—stunning brand designs that convey your company’s familiar brand and reassuring security messages in attractive 3D floating images create quickly recognizable brandmarks for consumers and distribution partners.