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Brand Protection

Blockchain Verifications


Blockchain Verifications

Brand protection program architecture to collect, utilize, and measure blockchain hand-offs.

Blockchain Verifications

For our brand clients who need to go beyond Level-1 overt, L-2 covert, L-3 forensic features…to the most advanced methodology in measuring supply and distribution chain integrity:

  • Blockchain-enabled solutions can be integral in measuring/tracking workflows from supply chain integrity to distribution channel tracing.
  • Whether your organization needs a small security material component, or help in designing an overall product security program with risk management factors, NanoPixel® Security Solutions understands how to design brand protection program architecture to collect, utilize, and measure blockchain hand-offs.

We design brand protection architecture that assembles data for use in your legacy ERP systems, or in disconnected cloud-based “big data” solutions requiring blockchain interoperability among disparate systems for tracking product security.

Skilled Graphics Professionals

For brand-centric messaging designs, engage our uniquely-skilled team of micro-optic graphics professionals.

Unlike standard prepress graphics, our NanoPixel® professionals use proprietary Lumenco® software in ray tracing plus a synergized blend of design and mathematics to create completely custom, dynamic imagery that is eye-catching while maintaining the highest levels of security.

We then reweave that disassociated pixel bitmap back into your recognizable visible image through our proprietary patented pixel interlacing.

NanoPixel® Security Solutions provide “Encryption By Design™”—stunning brand designs that convey your company’s familiar brand and reassuring security messages in attractive 3D floating images create quickly recognizable brandmarks for consumers and distribution partners.