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About NanoPixel®

What we do

A global leader in brand identity

NanoPixel®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumenco, is a global leader in brand identity and anticounterfeiting brand protection. We focus on serving brand managers and packaging VPs and directors seeking to differentiate their products through packaging and identification that is innovative, sustainable, and virtually impossible to duplicate.

Our team of engineers and designers have more than 40 patents for micro-optic and lens technology applied in dozens of industries and use cases, including currency, IDs, and commercial product packaging.

Lumenco is based in Englewood, Colorado and has decades of experience in anti-counterfeiting solutions. We are a truly global company with a joint venture named Lensys Sarl based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lensys SARL is the exclusive licensee of certain Lumenco technologies in the banknote area.

Mark Raymond

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Hector Porras

Founder, Vice President of Research + Development, Director.