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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Because our NanoPixel® technology is as unique as your brand identity and protection needs, you’ve probably got questions—about specifications, materials, capabilities, applications, and other issues. On this page, we provide answers to some of the questions we’re asked most frequently.

Our expert team of designers and engineers thrive on working collaboratively with customers to solve challenges and create innovative, attention-grabbing, brand-enhancing visual effects through our unique micro-optics technologies. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, or would like to explore how NanoPixel can help you differentiate and protect your brand, please contact us.

The possibilities in terms of brand identity and protection are virtually endless. With unlimited applications in molding, labeling, and films, if you can imagine it, we can probably do it. Print a serial number or use serialization? Absolutely. Overprint a logo or secondary image? Certainly. Utilize other unusual effects? Generally, yes—call us to discuss.

We offer completely different, more advanced technologies. Compared to holograms, our patented microlens and micro-mirror technologies:

  • provide a wider range of effects;
  • are more customizable;
  • are easier to manufacture;
  • work in all kinds of light;
  • are viewable at all angles;
  • are more robust (able to withstand more damage or scratching);
  • don’t restrict you to the metalized look of holography; and
  • are virtually impossible to duplicate.
We offer a range of thicknesses down to 40 microns. The upper bound is limited primarily (only?) by manufacturing methods.
We offer a wide range of finishing options including die-cut formats and shapes, tamper-evident seals/perforations, rolls, serialization, overprinting, post-processing adhesive application, frangible applications and optional void leave-behind, anti-microbial films, and more. Got questions about specific finishing methods not mentioned here? Call us.
Our technology is very flexible, in that we can cast on pretty much any substrate. We most commonly work with PETG, PMMA, and PVC. All types of polymers are compatible, from PET to PE, PP, or polyolifins, plus many more materials to fit your workflow. Contact us if you have additional questions about materials.
Absolutely. Our unique micro-optics technologies enable you to present your logo in new ways, with dazzling, attention-grabbing effects—but it’s still your familiar brand mark.
Our design team has more than a decade of experience in micro-optics design. Specializing in graphic design and animation, they are fluent in both aesthetic design and the technical functions of micro-optics. Team members have multi-industry experience including consumer packaging, brand identity, product design, fine art micro-optics, brand protection, and anti-counterfeiting.
No. We simply and seamlessly integrate with your existing packaging and production processes. Our microlens and micromirror technologies are still a packaging film application. They utilize existing equipment as easily as conventional films, use the same materials and molding processes, and require no additional consumables or extra-energy processing.

You can use the same molds you use today. Simply laser-weld the NanoPixel MicroEdge™ moldmark into your existing molds. And our brandmark molding technology is compatible in all types of thermal plastic molding (injection, blow molding, extrusions, etc.). NanoPixel MicroEdge brandmark molding technology does not require changes to polymers, and allows you to continue using your same manufacturing processes.

Yes, our patented MicroEdge moldmark technology can be applied in plastics, metals, and glass molding.
Though timing can be affected by various factors, it’s typically one to two weeks to create a digital animated proof, then two to three weeks to produce a physical sample.
That really depends. Keep in mind that for custom projects, there are set up and other fixed costs that make micro-orders impractical. However, we’d really need to understand your objectives and specific needs. The best approach is to call us.

Have more questions? Contact us to get the answers and discuss a customized solution for your brand.

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