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Holography is Outdated

It’s a common paradigm to believe in traditional holographic images as a security feature on packaging.  Truthfully, holography is an antiquated technology that’s actually a security risk because it is:

  • Stagnant – It has been around for decades with very minimal technological improvements over the years.
  • Unfashionable – It’s largely limited to the classic “rainbow shimmer” which, these days, looks cheesy and overpowering.
  • Unsecure – There isn’t much proprietary protection.

The biggest security risk factor is that it’s easy to replicate holography, which can lead to counterfeiting.  The flat two-dimensional imagery of holography makes it easy to replicate.

But what if you can go beyond holography and add a third dimension to your package security?  This is where NanoPixel® comes in.  Our technology is the superior alternative to the outdated holography.

Why NanoPixel® is superior:

  • Customizable – We have a wider range of unique custom effects for your unique brand.
  • Durable – Our technology is less prone to degradation, unlike holograms that use ultra-fine gratings that can be easily damaged.
  • Versatile – We offer solutions to fit any customer or market.
  • Flexible – Our expert team can work with a client to identify their specific need and recommend/develop the perfect feature for that particular client. Every need is different, as is every solution.
  • Patented – Our robust portfolio of patents ensures security from design concepts to on-the-shelf end-user purchase.

So, if you’re looking to enhance the security of your products and your brand, the best path is to go beyond holography.  NanoPixel® has the team and technology to take your package security features to the next level.


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